DVA architects' cornerstone is our team of professionals creating a collaborative community. Throughout our history, DVA’s hallmark has been to create a work environment that fosters commitment to our core value of excellent service, dedication to our clients, and a sense of what we refer to as the DVA family…

We take delight in the fact that our team considers our firm as a great place to work, which translates into providing great service to our clients.

  1. Amy O'Neal - Director of Interiors
  2. Alan Mount - Senior Project Manager
  3. Bala Srini - DVA Energy and LEED Specialist
  4. Bob Vujcic - Principal
  5. Chris McDonald - Senior Project Manager
  6. Fernando Silva - Director of IT
  7. Gary Yuan - Director of Design
  8. Greg Glasgow - Architectural Renderer
  9. Hasmukh Patel - Senior Project Manager
  10. Jason Travis - Project Manager
  11. Jayshri Patel - Project Manager
  12. Keith Turner - Architectural Designer
  13. Liza Pastore - Office Manager
  14. Mike Seidenberg - Interiors Project Manager
  15. Rick Donnally - Principal
  16. Santosh Chandane - Project Manager